Welcome expats! I’m Silvie

I help people manage stress, self-image and the demands associated with high standards. As an applied psychologist and personal coach, I have counselled perfectionistic consultants, busy mothers and young adults with high expectations. I help you in your search for more direction in your life, with less stress and more vitality.

About Me

With over 10 years of experience, I have helped a variety of people with their personal challenges like stress, perfectionism and self-image.

I am an qualified Applied Psychologist and work at a GP practice as an assistant for mental health care (POH-GGZ).

In 2019 I founded my own coaching and training agency in Amsterdam.

I think it is important that the coaching I offer is scientifically proven and meets the highest possible standards. That is why I regularly follow further training, I am listed in the Standards Register of the National Association of POH-GGZ and I regularly give training, lectures and Webinars within my field.

My personal approach is natural, open, enthusiastic, warm and solution-oriented, with a sense of humour.

I live in Amsterdam with my partner. I enjoy travel and look forward to opportunities to explore museums wherever I am. On weekends I love to unwind and relax with a peaceful walk in the natural environment.


  • An introductory meeting (30 minutes) is free
  • Individual coaching session, face-to-face or online: 5 sessions of 60 minutes
  • The coach experience: We take the time and space to create the breakthrough that will take you further. A program that is specially tailored. Think of an extensive walk through a forest combined with exercises in an inspiring space where your senses are also stimulated.

It is important to know that with all reimbursed healthcare you first have to pay your deductible (eigen risico) of 385 euros. This is a threshold that people 18 or over must pay. It is necessary whether or not you begin with a practitioner that is contracted with your insurance company. 


I have chosen not to work with healthcare insurers, so that the care provided is not influenced by the regulations of the healthcare insurer. This benefits the quality, freedom and content of the counselling. After each consultation you will receive an invoice by email, which you must pay within 14 days, unless your coaching sessions are reimbursed by your employer.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free introductory meeting, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tel: +31 (0)6 4185 9499

Email: info@silvieteeuwisse.nl